Country Chicken Paper Towel Holder
Chicken Paper Towel holder
Cut from 3/4 " pine wood, hand painted Funky Chickens,
Wood base with a wood knob for top
Chickens are painted with red, off white, tan, black,
white & yellow
Come's to you ready to use with a gloss finish for protection,
The stacked chickens are appx. 4 1/2 " wide,
All my my designs are my originals, drawn cut & painted by myself,
I take a great deal of pride in my work, so each piece is created with love & care.
This piece will come to you ready to use right out of the box.
Appx. height overall for 14"
$ 49.99

Country Chicken Cutting Board #2
We are so very excited to add to our shop,Br> Our Country Chickens Bread/Paddle board,
Come's with hand painted Whimsy Country Chickens,
This paddle/Bread board is cut from 3/4" pine wood,
white background, the chick's/rooster are all hand painted with
white, red, tan, dark tan, yellow & black.
Each of our piece is hand painted,
so they may vary slightly from the photo's.
Makes a Great Gifts, for Chicken Collector's, Country Kitchens,
Wedding Gifts, Gifts For Friends & more
Board measures 5 1/2" wide X 17" tall.
Use for decoration ONLY
$ 46.99

Mardi Gras Shelf Sitter Bear
Mardi Gras Bear Centerpiece
This is our original design bear, hand painted with acrylic paint, Bear cutout is 12 " tall,
(Glitter Pick's WILL VARY)
He comes to you sealed both front & back with a gloss finish
& a touch of glitter added
He looks amazing & full of color,
he will go great with all your Mardi Gras decoration,
he is made with a great deal of Love Happy Mardi Gras Celebration !!!
use for your table, side board,friends gifts,entry way decor & more

$ 55.99

Cow Cutting Board
Cow Cutting Board
This is a hand painted cutting board, It is painted on 3/4" quality pine wood,
the back side could be used to cut veggie's & things on,
however I would treat it with olive oil before using it
Cutting board size is 10" wide X 14" tall & hangs from black lacing
The cow is hand painted with acrylic paint & it is an original design,
drawn by my husband Ed Harris
Comes sealed with a gloss finish & ready to display straight from the box
Make's a great gift for friends, family, weddings, bridal showers & more
$ 48.99

Up-Cycled Fall Glass Bottle
Re-Cycled Glass Bottle
Up-cycled glass bottle, it is a square glass Disaronno bottle,
that is hand painted with spray paint first & then with acrylic paint
I have a Scarecrow & pumpkin painted on the front label with Fall lettering,
the side's have fall leave's & the back of the bottle has 2 pumpkins
I have a paper label that can be removed that read's " Happy Fall Y'All "
with an orange/white strip bow
Bottle size is 4" wide X 9 " tall
Comes sealed with a gloss protective finish & ready to display straight from the box
I also include the berry pick & tea light candle with the bottle
You can use as a shelf sitter, centerpiece or just decoration bottle for your fall decor
$ 39.99

Re-Cycled Country Chicken Wood
Re-purposed Wood Plate .... Country Chickens.... I have painted it black & then used acrylic paint,
to hand paint the Country Chicken's ,
this is also my own original design, I have a few other items listed here in my shop, that also have the same chickens This is a plate that is for decoration only NOT FOOD SAFE Comes sealed with a gloss protective finish & ready to display straight from the box NOTE: PLATE STAND IS NOT INCLUDED, ONLY THIS ONE SO PLEASE NO CHANGES
$ 45.99

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