Recycled Halloween Bottle
This piece is a glass bottle
hand painted with a Jack-O-Lantern
& patch's with a Wicked Witch tag
the bottle is 4" wide X 5" tall
this jar would look great with any Halloween Decor
on a side table,entry Way Table
Bathroom or Child's room
comes sealed with a matte finish for protection
come to you ready to display, straight from the box
$ 38.99

Up-Cycled Fall Glass Bottle
Re-Cycled Glass Bottle
Up-cycled glass bottle, it is a square glass Disaronno bottle,
that is hand painted with spray paint first & then with acrylic paint
I have a Scarecrow & pumpkin painted on the front label with Fall lettering,
the side's have fall leave's & the back of the bottle has 2 pumpkins
I have a paper label that can be removed that read's " Happy Fall Y'All "
with an orange/white strip bow
Bottle size is 4" wide X 9 " tall
Comes sealed with a gloss protective finish & ready to display straight from the box
I also include the berry pick & tea light candle with the bottle
You can use as a shelf sitter, centerpiece or just decoration bottle for your fall decor
$ 39.99

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