Fall Pumpkin Towel Holder
Paper towel holder, Pumpkins & Sunflowers
This is a fun whimsy unique gift,
hand painted with acrylic paint, cut from 3/4" quality pine wood
The design is my own brand,
cut & hand painted by myself,
I pride myself in creating quality handmade gifts, for home or office
we have several paper towel holders, & working on a design for every month of the year
including some any occasion designs as well,
so feel free to check out all of our designs here
Each paper towel holder ordered comes with a free roll of paper towels
This piece is sealed with a gloss finish for protection & ready to use straight from the box
All of our designs can be pared with other unique gifts offered here in our shop
$ 47.99

Stacked Country Chicks Doily
New to our shop
Stacked Country Chick's
these chick's match a few of our other designs
I have hand painted this piece on cotton/canvas with fabric paint
it is washable, size is 11" wide X 16-1/2" long
the photo's show a vase by it
allow 1 minimum of 1 week
as I stated these are all hand painted
they take a longer finish time than wood items
Use in any Country Kitchen or Home
for Chicken Lovers Everywhere
$ 44.99

Bah-Humbug Christmas Stocking Door
Christmas Stocking " Bah-Humbug "
The wood cutout is 6" wide X 15" long,
hangs from silver look wire,
with 2 wire edge bow's & various glitter picks,
I also add a touch of glitter,
I have used the traditional red & green color's as you can see by the photo's,
The back side is unpainted & also sealed with gloss finishEntry Way, Garage or even a child's room, or office
Makes a great gift as well for any friend or family member, office party gift or secret Santa gift,
General NOTES:
Sometimes the bow's get a little smashed in shipping,
that is why I use wire edge ribbon & I also seal the bow's with the protective finish,
if they do get smashed a little they fluff right back out
Cut from 1/4 " pine . Cut sanded, painted with Acrylic Paint & sealed with a gloss finish for protection.
I don't paint the back's of my door decor,
however I do use a gloss finish on the back so they are sealed.
So if you have a glass door they still look nice from the back.
I use a gloss finish on the Bow's so they also are protected.
I drawn, cut, sand & paint every piece myself.
All are hand painted so they may vary slightly.
$ 48.99

Flip Flop Wall Decor
Flip Flop Summer Sign
This sign is for a wall or door,
It is hand painted on Cedar Fencing board,
with acrylic paint,
I have painted the background an off white, then painted colorful fun flip flops,
that read
" Livin Life In Flop Flop
The flop flops have different button embellishments added to the
The sign hangs from black lacing, size is 5 1/2" wide X 14 " long
This sign will make a great gift for Mother's Day, Easter, Friend's, Housewarming
or just as a gift for yourself
Comes to you sealed with a matte finish for protection & ready to display straight from the box
$ 39.99

Turkey Lollipop Table Decor
Turkey Lollipop Holder
Thanksgiving is just around the corner
I have got a Fun, Whimsy Turkey table centerpiece for you,
layered Turkey cut from 3/4 " & 1/2" pine wood,
cut & painted by myself
He is an Original Design drawn by Ed Harris from Silverfox Dezins.
This is a great piece to have on a table, side board,mantel or just about any place.
Size is appx. (Wood cutout Turkey size) 9" tall X X 8 " wide
I have hand painted him with acrylic paint, sealed with a gloss protective finish
He comes to you ready to use, straight from the box, sealed with a gloss finish front & back,
I include 18 Lollipop's with him.

$ 48.99

Elf Door Decor
Elf Christmas Stocking Door Decor.
Traditional Red & Green theme.
Hand painted & drawn by myself, cut from 1/4" MDF
Cute Elf peeking out of a Christmas sock,
reads " I Hope Santa Spoils You Rotten ".
He hangs from twisted wire for a door hanger,
with glitter pick's & wire edge ribbon
cutout size is appx size 10" wide by 13" tall. Overall size is appx 20"
he comes to you sealed with a gloss protective finish & glitter added,
ready to hang straight from the box
Cut from 1/4" " MDF.
Cut sanded, painted with Acrylic Paint & sealed with a non-yellowing finish for protection.
I don't paint the back's of my door decor, however if I do use a gloss finish
$ 49.99

Blue Bird In Paradise Cookie Lid
Check out our newest Cookie/Candy Jar lid
cut from 3/4" pine wood for the gallon lid
hand painted in blue's & yellow
this lid will make a great any occasion lid
be sure you order the size lid
for your jar as the stoppers
are different sizes
our fun lids fit the Anchor Hocking
glass jars
they come sealed with a gloss finish
ready to use straight from the box
$ 23.99

Jar Lids

Special Orders

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Christmas Gifts Set
Perfect gift for Couples, Christmas,
Wedding's, Birthday's or Any Occasion
This listing is for 4 gallon size cookie lids.
1 gallon size jar & 1 bags of treats.
With the discount listing I am offering here, you are getting the Jar FREE
NOTE: For this price you get the 4 lids in the photo's, Jar with 1 bag's of treat's
The Jar & lids are gallon size ONLY
NOTE: All design's are my original's, drawn cut & hand painted by myself
They come sealed with a gloss protective finish & ready to use straight from the box
$ 99.99

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